Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Honeymoon Is Over

It's harsh, but it's football.

Alan Shearer's first match in management went the way most would have expected, with a solid win for Chelsea. Fans flocked to St. James' for a glimpse of Newcastle's latest messiah but unfortunately on this occasion, miracles could not be delivered.

Hark though loyal followers! This is not a defeat that condemns Newcastle to relegation, it does however mean we are deeply immersed in squeaky-bum territory. The bus that takes the squad down to the Potteries this weekend will have to have a few extra seats to accommodate the three points that simply must join the players on their trip back to the Toon.

Shearer has been widely acclaimed as having a one-track mind, something he will need to install into the players. Victory is the only option for this club if they wish to remain amongst England's elite.

Whilst the task of avoiding relegation would still be possible, the already low confidence levels will take a deathly strike if we walk off the Britannia Stadium pitch with no points.

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