Monday, 15 June 2009

A Chink Of Light

After a weekend of what is becoming worryingly familiar radio silence a breakthrough was made this morning as news was reported that an American consortium are actually willing to take the club out of Ashley's hands.

This news didn't come from Newcastle, as if it would, neither was it announced on the pathetic excuse of an official club website that is, it comes from the Independent.

Their sources in the city claim that an American group are ready to take a look at our accounts and that talks are at an advanced stage. Ashley has apparently made all the arrangements to accommodate a change of owner as quickly as possible.

So maybe just maybe something may be sorted soon, but bear in mind the word soon is losing all meaning at Newcastle.

A new manager will be appointed soon.

The sale of the club will be completed soon.

Fans will lose their patience soon.

At least we know the last one is true, for the majority it's already happened.

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