Friday, 26 June 2009

No News Is Very Bad News

So the anticipated Londinium meeting for Shearer, Ashley and Llambias to 'thrash out a deal' never took place, and our club aimlessly glides towards the Championship without anyone at the helm.

As players agents claim they can't get in contact with anyone at the club, what chance have we got.

It seems even the press have lost interest in our soap opera, I can't remember the last time we were mentioned on Sky or BBC and with little pressure from the media it's unlikely there will be any rush from the board.

Even when Mickey O 'revealed' he would not be signing a new deal at the Toon, (scoop of the year for Sky Sports News) there was very little talk about the situation at out club.

The only people that care these days are the fans and we are seeing a lesser mentioned side effect of relegation. The lack of influence from the press has undoubtedly kept the sale of the club at snail's pace.

I can't help but feel if we had survived relegation Sky Sports News would've set up 'Toon Watch' and had one reporter stationed outside SJP and another hounding Ashley, wherever he may be.

Unfortunately we did not survive, and we pay the price, without any mainstream media attention we turn to the local papers, which seem to have just a tad more respect on Tyneside than Ashley himself.

The Chronicle and Journal are interesting reads but they don't seem to do anything more than speculate as to what might be happening at SJP. They might as well be picking scenarios from a hat and reporting it these days as their 'sources' seem to be less knowledgeable than the bottle of HP in my kitchen cupboard.

I never thought I'd say it, particularly with all the bad news and black clouds at the end of last season, but I miss the media attention.

I'm convinced a sale would have gone ahead, or at least a manager would've been appointed, had there been some real media pressure that would embarrass Mike Ashley in front of the world, rather than just the North East.

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