Wednesday, 10 June 2009

So What Exactly Does This Get Me?

It's that time of year, season ticket renewal, whilst many of you may have just got your renewal form through your letter box I have very little belief that many of you will be sending them back with a nice fat cheque made out to Big Mike.

This is the time of year when the majority of us Toon supporters are dreaming of a season of success, well maybe not even that far, just a season of fight is a dream these days.

It's a bit rich to ask the loyal fan to pay for something that doesn't even exist as of yet, the chance to watch a Newcastle team play football next season.

With every member of the first team squad being flogged of to the highest, or maybe even quickest, bidder. We are faced with the prospect of watching a group of players flummox about the SJP pitch who don't as yet play for the side.

That's being hopeful, as with an owner who has disappeared of the face of the planet and no manager to speak of, the prospect of signing one single player is a long way off.

What's more likely is that we will have to blood youngsters who in all truth are two or three seasons from being ready to play a full season of professional football.

But as it goes we may have no other option but to hope some young Geordie's can blend with the left-overs we didn't want six months ago, but now are beginning to stay and save this club.

Shola Ameobi will lead the line and at this rate probably be handed the captains armband, as reserve team youngsters Nile Ranger and Mark Donninger are extremely likely to be called on to play regular first team football next term.

So I sympathise with those who receive a season ticket renewal form and try to fathom exactly what you are paying for.

Because these days buying a season ticket for Newcastle is like buying a ticket in a raffle, and your odds aren't good.

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