Friday, 19 June 2009

Well, Thursday Came And Went

Another week, another piece of hope fading away.

Rumours that Big Al could be appointed manager by Thursday proved to be not entirely truthful, but none of us really expected anything to happen, did we?

It seems the cynics (myself included) that warned this could just be a stunt that happened to fall on season ticket renewal week would appear to have been proven correct, and with The Guardian reporting the sale may slow down further it could be a while until we see any real progress.

The 'Data Room' is officially open however and takeovers do take time so maybe I was expecting to much, however I don't so much want anything to happen but a few words from someone at the club would be somewhat reassuring that the cogs are turning.

In fact, the only person we've heard anything from recently is Sebastien Bassong, and that was only to confirm he is in negotiations with other clubs.

Negotiations maybe, but still there is no real movement in any direction for the club, as a fellow blogger points out, we may well field the same team in pre-season that lost to Villa on the that fateful day.


  1. Looking forward to coming up to SJP as a travelling Wednesday fan, it's good to get some big clubs to visit for a change!

  2. Cheers Sheffield!

    All my family are Blades fans so I gotta admit I'm looking forward to my two visits to the Steel city as well!

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