Friday, 3 July 2009

Getting My House In Order

Apologies for the lack of activity but unfortunately I've been hampered in my crazed obsession of writing about the Toon Army by a rather irritating need to move homes.

Anyways, for the next few days there may be somewhat less frequent posting and updating of the blog, but fear not, just think of me as Mickey O: Back to full fitness soon! (I'm so clever)

Anyway on the subject of the departing players five were released at the start of the month (check the sidebar) and international competitors were given an extra week off, oh and Obafemi managed to turn up twenty minutes late for the first day of training. Good to see Hughton has put the fear in the players.

Mickey O is joining Manchester I swear...he's having a medical today...check Sky Sports News.

Oh and apparently some Malaysian consortium are getting close to buying us, which means we're unnervingly close to something actually happening at the club soon. Can't say much about the new owners really, as I know nothing about them, but at least we'll have some tough pre-season fixtures against the likes of Kuala Lumpur FA and Negeri Sembilan FA to look forward to next season.

Maybe some free tickets to Sepang for the Grand Prix too. The possibilities are endless.

P.S The header picture will be changed soon, unfortunately the replacement is hidden in a memory stick, which is hidden in a box, which is hidden in a room, which is hidden in my house...somewhere.

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