Wednesday, 15 July 2009

It's The Not Knowing That Hurts The Most

It was announced today that Joe Kinnear would not be appointed as Newcastle manager, after newspaper reports had claimed that the former Toon boss was set to regain the right to sit in the hottest of seats.

The most surprising thing? That after weeks, months even, of silence a sudden and abrupt response was forthcoming from the club.

In an item named simply "NUFC Statement" was the following;
REPORTS in the press this morning that Joe Kinnear is to be appointed as Newcastle United manager are not true.

The position remains that the Club is still in the market to be sold and is still negotiating with prospective buyers.
Cold, and to-the-point.
But why? After so much silence over the futures of players, agents claiming they can't get in touch with club officials, relentless defiance to reveal even the slightest information on the ownership and potential takeover of the club.

Why speak out on this, quite frankly, weak paper talk?

Despite being an optimist, I fear the worst, and I can only think of two reasons to explain it.

1) Fat Ash and Llambias are trying to keep the fans spirits up as they know that it is probably better to have no manager at the club, than to hir someone other than Alan Shearer.


2) Fat Ash and Llambias are trying to keep the club as buyer friendly as possible. They know that the potential buyers of the club will want to be able to instantly hire their own manager and don't want gossip to put of any of the bidders.

Now the second option is more than likely the pick of the two, why would they start caring about our feelings now?

The most worrying part of this means that bids are unlikely to be any further than the initial stages if they are worrying about scaring of investors.

If anyone had made any progress with a bid, the club would still be staying quiet and ignoring any gossip that comes along as Ashley and Llambias would be confident that it wouldn't be their problem for much longer.

They say, no news is good news.

I say, it's the not knowing that hurts the most.

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