Saturday, 11 July 2009

Turning A Blind Eye

It's been a tad quiet on this blog recently, which to be fair, has almost perfectly represented the amount of news coming out of SJP in the past days, weeks and months.

However whilst my fellow bloggers and bloggees concentrate on the endless takeover gossip, I just can't bring myself to raise the hopes of myself or any other Toon fan.

Instead I'd like to take a look at the apparent advantage we have from being a 'big' team in the Championship, or more importantly, the complete bunkum this is.

First off, we are regarded as a big scalp in the league with various players and managers admitting they were looking for Newcastle when fixture lists were released.

Secondly, I was looking forward to a return to 'real football' with relegation to the Championship. You know, three o'clock, Saturdays, young hungry British talent.

So far we have seen very little of any of this, with no players brought in, very few shown the door and just one three o'clock kick off in our first seven fixtures.

That's right, one in seven!

In a time where we thought we could wave goodbye to the television restrictions of the Premier League and faced with even more in the Football League.

Our kick-off times include a 17:30, 17:20, 19:45 and possibly the most ridiculous of the lot, 14:05.

It appears we've become something of a hot property for Television companies and the big fish is always the one that they want to catch.

Whilst I'm happy to be able to watch my beloved Newcastle from home, I'm worried that my hopes of a chance to rebuild the club out of the spotlight may be completely destroyed.

This may be me making a fuss over nothing, but I was hoping for a bit of traditional footballing values returning to SJP. It seems we could be a couple of relegations away from that.

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