Sunday, 6 September 2009

Hopes Well And Truly Grounded

The Telegraph is the latest newspaper to spend a few column inches on talk of a Newcastle takeover being close to completion.

Well actually due to my upper-lower-middle class background I daren't pick up a copy of the Telegraph for fear of it turning to ash in my unworthy hands, but they did deem the story worthy of taking up a few megabytes of their website at least.

I can't help but smile when I imagine the club with a new owner, I mean the on-pitch form's already here, so with Big Al' in charge and a few last minute loan signings slipped in when the Football league's window technician turns his back, would push us dangerously towards looking like a 'healthy' club.

However I, as with many other Toon bloggers, have had our fingers burnt by these stories so many times before that there seemed to be an unspoken rule not to write about takeover gossip.

The only reason I've broken ranks on this occasion is in the hope of reverse psychology playing a part. Everytime I've been optimistic over a potential 'deadline' the club seems to disappear of the map for a few weeks, so this time, if I shun the deal as paper talk, maybe, just maybe it'll go through.

Right, here goes.

A deal by the end of the week? Bollocks.

(Fingers crossed)

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