Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Three Stripes And You're Out

After fourteen years with Adidas it has today been officially confirmed that Puma will become our official kit maker from next year.

I have nothing against Puma, their kits are fine and I particularly like the goalkeeper kits they have produced for Spurs this year.

For me, the key point of this story is the decision, taken by Adidas, to end their partnership with the club. Citing the change in fortunes as a major reason and stating that they had become disillusioned with the future of the club.

Adidas has, in my time as a Newcastle fan, been synonymous with the club and I will miss the iconic three stripes running down our sleeves. On the other hand only a two year deal has been agreed so perhaps promotion, survival and a new owner may see the return of the famous three stripes to Barrack Road.

So we've lost our kit maker, our heroes (Keegan and Shearer) and our beloved St. James' and it's all because of one man.

Thanks Mike, anything else you can take from us?

P.S Northern Rock have extended their sponsorship of the club for another four years. God only knows what happened to the deal signed with Carling a couple of seasons ago.

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