Friday, 12 March 2010

Boring, Boring, Shearer

I'll admit, it doesn't take much to get me to criticise someone, especially at the back end of last season. Everyone got a handful, Colo, Ashley, Owen, Kinnear, anyone and everyone was criticised for our spectacular fall from the Premier League...well, almost everyone.

There is one man that I have never criticised, the mighty Alan Shearer. Yes he was the man at the helm on that fateful day and yes his experimental line-ups didn't exactly give us the greatest chance to stay up, but I knew he always did what he believed was best for the club.

However, after worshipping the man for some thirteen years I finally (and regrettably) have a criticism. He needs to lighten up a wee bit.

In an interview for the Guardian's Small Talk feature the legendary frontman appeared to get a little ruffled by their questions. If you're unfamiliar with Small Talk it's very similar to FourFourTwo's, Ask a silly question feature where the questions are often very loosely based on football and can range as far as "Would you drown a bag of kittens for a tenner?"

I'm a big fan of these features because they're often funny, and they truly bring out the personality of the interviewee but on this occasion I'm somewhat disappointed at the results. They say you should never meet your heroes and I feel like this interview has struck on a similar cord, revealing Shearer to not quite be the man I had imagined.

I won't go into details but for those of you who still have your innocence over the Great Man's sense of humour, probably best to give the article a miss.

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