Thursday, 25 March 2010

JAWGATE: The Rumour Mill Is Churning

So it's been common knowledge for a while now, Andy Carroll has given Steven Taylor a right royal smack in the mouth.

The puns have been all over the papers with anything from 'Jaw-dropping' to 'Hitman' sitting next to Carroll's smiling mug after he fired home the winner against Doncaster on Tuesday night. And yet, despite the considerable press coverage very few confirmed details about the incident have emerged.

The story that seems to have been accepted as 'truth' revolves around Tayls texting antics with Carroll's ex-girlfriend. Apparently young Andrew was a little upset that Taylor had gone and sent his former love a text message while the team were on an away trip.

Now, in some places the row took place during training, some say it happened after and in one terrifying report it is claimed Carroll attacked Taylor in the car park before the session. For some reason this report cast an image of Carroll lurking behind parked cars before launching a vicious tirade of physical abuse on the defenceless defender.

However perhaps Taylor's not really the victim here, I mean obviously he is physically, but is there any chance the Newcastle Sports Personality of the Year has, ironically, managed to disguise his true personality?

I must stress this is nothing but a rumour but I have heard it from a few different sources. According to some Taylor has something of an attitude problem and it hasn't sat well with the rest of the squad. His efforts to manoeuvre a move to Everton in the summer upset some of the players and big names at the club such as Harper, Butt and Smudge have approached the management with regards to 'helping' Taylor out the door.

Is it true? I don't know.
Is it surprising? Somewhat.
Is it possible? Absolutely.

Tayls has had his jaw wired shut and some reports say Carroll had surgery on his hand, although we saw no bandages last night due to some strategically placed gloves. The club have been so tight lipped on the issue you'd think that it was they who had had their jaw wired shut. However it's not an unprecedented response.

The club stayed deathly silent during the summer when the club was constantly surrounded with questions over the future ownership of the Magpies and it wouldn't surprise me if Mike Ashley chooses to ignore the press in dealing with this incident.

However, let's give him a chance. He's launched an internal inquiry and let's wait and see if that leads to another embarrassing Bow-Dyer like public 'apology' or if they get the slap in the face they both appear to deserve.


  1. Whatever the truth, Taylor looks like he's off in the summer. Not sure he's quite as good as the rumour mill thinks he thinks he is, though. Chelsea?

  2. I'd be sad to see him go even if the latest stories have somewhat tarnished my image of him.

    I think Everton is a serious possibility and he has been linked with Arsenal in the past...

  3. I think Hughton will want to hold onto him this summer but if we can get a good price or even a decent P/Ex I'm sure we could find a good enough replacement.

    I'd like to keep Fitz Hall permanently, as cover, and possibly sign a loanee as a replacement for Taylor. Jack Hobbs anyone?