Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Celebrate In Style

We did it and we celebrated in style. Kevin Nolan's superb overhead kick provided a victory to top off a great day for the Toon.

With promotion assured and a six point gap in the title race, tonight, was a very good night.

Highlights of Monday night's match are here on the BBC Sport website.


  1. you are not a geordie, you do not feel their emotion currently. you have played or felt no real emotion in their promotion season.. support a team you can feel part of.. or are you that insecure?

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Firstly, thank-you for you comment.

    Secondly, you are correct I am not a Geordie but I would like to point out that I have never claimed to be a Geordie. In the same way that not every Manchester United fan is from Manchester or every Chelsea fan is from West London, it is still possible to feel connected to a club even if you do not come from the local area.

    The beauty of Newcastle United and the city itself is that upon your arrival you are instantly welcomed with open arms and feel the emotion that people have for their club. That is what drew me to the club when I was eight years old.

    Nobody in my family followed football and I come from a town that, until recently, did not boast a club above the county leagues, so I had the rare chance of choosing a football club to follow. The spirit and passion of the Toon Army drew me to Newcastle like a moth to a flame and I have felt emotion with every goal since I became a fan of the club.

    Relegation at Villa Park last season was a dark day for me, as I'm certain it was for many Toon fans, and so if it is Ok with you, I will enjoy promotion and remember this season very fondly.

    I wear my shirt with pride and whilst I will never be able to call myself a Geordie, I will always call myself a Newcastle fan.

    Yours securely,

    David Kifford. HTL.