Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Day To Remember?

Today could be a memorable day for the young(er) Toon fan such as myself. I'm talking about those with only a vague recollection of the painfully close Premier League campaign of '96.

The boys and girls who have only the briefest memories of our impressive cup runs in '98 and '99 and only had the slightest of glances at our Champions League years because 'Eastenders is on the other side' (I hate my sister for that).

This is the moment that could see Newcastle lift their first trophy since the last time they were at this level in 1992. If Forest should lose today at Bristol City and we can roll over bottom club Peterborough, we'll be guaranteed a return to the Premier League.

My heart says we will and for once my head agrees. Forest have lost their last seven games away from The City Ground, a run that culminated in a two-nil defeat at SJP which almost certainly condemned the Reds search for promotion to the lottery that is the play-offs.

Traveling to Bristol City is not the easiest when you're in good form and the Ashton gate boys will not make it an easy trip for Billy Davies' men.

However let's not get carried away, as I've read many times this week there is still a job to be done. The Baggies comfortable win over Leicester last night showed that they are not going to let up in the race for the title and I believe it's a result that makes promotion today all that more likely.

West Brom's win means Forest currently sit a mammoth twelve points off automatic promotion, a truly painful blow, whilst Albion have closed to within one point of the Toon which should spur on the Magpies to restore a four point gap with victory today.

However if it does all go to plan just remember one thing, enjoy it. It could be a while before we feel this good again.

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