Monday, 24 May 2010

A Kit of Alright - First Images of New Puma Shirts

One of the most hotly anticipated days of the (off)season, for myself at least, has finally arrived. It's kit day!

A number of sites are reporting that two leaked images of both a brand new home and away shirt are in fact the genuine articles, and I'd be inclined to agree.

Being the obsessive that I am when it comes to new kits I've been trawling numerous websites for weeks now waiting to see our prospective new kits. In the process I've seen leaked pictures of every team's new kit, from Manchester United to Accrington Stanley and the one thing that seems to ring true is that when these images are 'leaked' they turn out to be genuine.

We've known for some time that Adidas are out and Puma are in, one website in particular found it amusing we'd be wearing a black cat on our shirts for the next two years.

First impressions of the new designs are that whilst somewhat uninspired, they are thankfully much less offensive than last seasons legendary away kit. The main topic of conversation seems to be the unusual cut of the neck but personally I like a bit of originality.

We clearly weren't quite as high a priority for Puma as some clubs and I for one am disappointed not to have seen a design similar to that of the rumoured new Tottenham shirt.

Still though, what do you guys think? Better or worse than the last set, or just a different logo?


  1. They are fake or just extremely poorly made/designed.

    Look at the home shirt in more detail. There is a crease in the ironed on northern rock logo which is not present directly above or below on the shirt itself. The stripes are blurred like this season, which is not wholly unreasonable. However, when you look at the black at the op of the sleeve it is a straight edge. Why would there just be one change of colour without a serrated edge. Also look at the left sleeve. The part nearest the shoulder is straight as discussed above, however further away it is serrated, whilst this is not true on the right sleeve.

    Similarly again look at the left side of the shirt around the armpit, you will see a tiny strip of blue trim, which is not only present on the other side. But is also identical to our kit this season. It is quite clear the bult of this shirt has just been lifted from this season.

    Finally,why would there be that tiny white strip/thread on either side of the edge of the shirt in the final black stripes.

  2. Awful awful design...if it is THE official kit, Puma and the newcastle board should be ashamed of themselves. Poor design, lack of though (re the club crest and sponsor - looks like they've been ironed on as an afterthought), unbalanced. How else can you descibe it?. Thank god they are only the kit supplier for the next 2 years.

    Will definatly not be buying this or any other kit.

  3. I don't mind the away shirt at all, I like it but agree the home shirt is appauling.. I don't like the Puma sign at the top, it should be one the right hand side of the shirt... like the away kit.

    I hope it is a fake, if it isn't it would suggest they designed this using a bunch of idiots- who made this at the last minute whilst they were off their faces.

    Terrible sign of things to come this season- if we need cash, a little more thought and the shirt sales alone would be of huge benefit to the club. They showed how ignorant they were with the Banana horror show- and here we were thinking they would learn...

    I hope I am wrong and these are fake- if they are not I will not be buying either if thety were selling for £10.

  4. Much better than the horrendous asymmetrical concepts which were floating around the web... I will happily buy both home and away shirts... Very big fan of Puma and welcome the change from adidas with open arms...

  5. Lol and open wallet by the sound of it! They do look cheap and nasty and the Puma logo above NUFC crest on the home shirt is very bad symmetry...tacky actually!
    Some of the designs on the NUFC Ego forums were better.

  6. it will be a prototype man!!

  7. I think the home shirt is shite!! I saw 1 with a stripe from the shoulder looked good. I do like the away 1. But could def be better!!

  8. don't believe you're all taken in by these - they're crappy photoshop efforts!
    Obvious 'previous' adidas b/w shirt with mods and badges / NR sponsor just 'photoshopped' on - you can see there not legit not well done!

    I'm hoping Puma can come up with something a bit special
    I like the blue away shirt though!

  9. it looks rubbish, i have seen better tops in the local sunday league

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