Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Don't Lose Your Head

Newcastle suffered their second successive defeat of the Christmas period as ten-man Tottenham comfortably completed a two-nil win.

Spurs wing wizard proved too good for the Toon as a Gareth Bale wonder goal compounded Aaron Lennon's earlier strike to see of the Geordies. Tottenham were shown their second straight red card in two games when Younes Kaboul inexcusably headbutted Cheick Tiote in the second half.

Even against ten men the Toon looked toothless in attack, missing the influence of suspended captain Kevin Nolan, and the crosses of Joey Barton, who had moved into the middle from the right flank to play the Nolan role.

Alan Pardew has suffered something of a reality check after an impressive 3-1 win over Liverpool in his first game in charge with defeats against Manchester City and now Spurs but there really isn't any need to panic.

We must remember we are a newly promoted side and that survival is the main aim. Despite two straight defeats we still sit four points above the dreaded drop-zone and have upcoming fixtures against relegation fodder Wigan and West Ham.

These are the games we need to concentrate on, and if we can play like we did against Man City (minus the first five minutes) we will get points out of these games. Against the citizens we were unlucky not to come away with a point, even with a shocking first five minutes. We ran all day and produced chances to score, let's just hope the players are rightly motivated.

Therefore I am reserving judgement on our position and our manager until the 16th January, by which time we will have beaten Wigan and West Ham, advanced past a plucky Stevenage in the FA Cup and completed a magnificent double over the great unwashed.

On the other hand, what if that doesn't happen...?


  1. his sister is his mum.

  2. We only had ten men.

  3. The best thing for Newcastle would be to get £25m for a totally immature hothead average striker. Totday you saw what happens to bullies when they play against bigger boys, Carroll reminded me when Gary Doherty played upfront for spurs during an injury crisis. In summary totally outclassed but dont cry toon, your ambition of 14th - 16th should be achieveable.

  4. Kicked and elbowed your way to defeat. Disgraceful. The ref was even more of a disgrace letting you get away with it. No wonder Barton was locked up. He's truly the most detestable individual. Bunch of thugs. Hope you get relegated. No place for that in the beautiful game.

  5. hang on:a couple of good seasons with (harry the con man here's a wad keep it shtum).theres no place in this game for dodgy dealers,god i realy hate spurs,who the f@@k do you all think you are,it wont last,arsenal will always be bigger than you......just get used to it!!!!

  6. First piece of realist NUFC writing I have ever seen on the internet (although a little Harsh on Kaboul).

    Recently I posted a comment (on another site) that Carroll's head could be turned by a big enough club, your chairman’s soul could be brought for a bag of gold and that Sacking Houghton and replacing him (with the big name Manager) Alan Pardew would cause you enough problems but combined that with the fact your Squad is largely the same as when you went down and your new (big name) manager has a reputation for relegation means that Newcastle fans should only worry about staying up. You have already had some fantastic results and now it's time to dig in and ensure Premiership football next year.
    Well the Toon Army went a bit mad, accusing me of being delusional.
    Spurs are defending 4th place in the league and as I predicted we beat NUFC 2-0 and kept our second clean sheet taking us back to 4th. We have stormed the champion’s league and soon play AC Milan and no one would be surprised if we win. Newcastle on the other hand are thinking about West Ham (a game you dismiss a little lightly) who are Pardew's old club and have hit a bit of form in the last 2 games. Come the end of the season Spurs will be disappointed if we don’t qualify for the Champions League and Newcastle should be happy with staying in the Prem, but the majority wont, because "NUFC are the best in the world" and they call me delusional.

  7. ▒▓██ N █ U █ F █ C ██▓▒
    to us newcastle as a place and club are up there as one of the best,who mentioned our team.....we have a very average team,we need two new wingers for starters,Jonas Gutierrez struggles to beat his man as does Wayne Routledge.ship campbell out,to slow!!caroll needs help up front.

  8. Pardew has used up a massive amount of goodwill credit by his team selection and tactics today. To select Alan Smith at all is a complete disgrace but to put him in the same side as the excellent Tiote and leave Ranger, Guthrie, and really anybody on the bench is a scandal. The rest of the team must cringe when watching Smiths ( and Ameobi`s ) lack of commitment and willingness to be positive. Sliding in late and giving away reckless fouls do not amount to commitment in my book. Wake up to what we football lovers want before the full wrath of St James`s Park turns on you Mr Pardew

  9. @ To select Alan Smith at all is a complete disgrace but to put him in the same side as the excellent Tiote..... Am I really reading this tosh. I always wanted Newcastle to do well because of Chris Hughton. But no you intelligent people from somewhere foreign decided you wanted 'oul arrogant (couldn't pick a school team) chops', and you have the cheek to call THAT THUG Tiote excellent.
    I'm sure the Swansea's and the Sheffields look forward to playing you next season as you will be slipping down the divisions year on year with that kind of play.
    With a 12th man on against our ten you had one serious shot on goal. God Rest Sir Bobby Robson. He'll be turning in his grave. Shower of cHEATS.

  10. Makes me flucking laugh to read someone's blog saying 'to us newcastle as a place and club are up there as one of the best,who mentioned our team'.
    Are sure you have ever been there, or have you been born and raised there and no nothing different. POOR DELUDED SOUL.

  11. " Younes Kaboul inexcusably headbutted Cheick Tiote "

    You sick misguided, inbred, son of a bitch!

  12. I'm a Spurs fan and I hate to see Newcastle struggling, they have always been a good big club and their supporters have always got on well with the Spurs fans. Sad to say I think Pardew is just another ordinary manager and not in the stature or league of past managers, like Bobby Robson. Lunacy to sack Chrissy Hughton and they will now regret that decision big time. Once again the fans have to swallow bad management.

  13. It was all part of Christopher William Gerard Hughton's master plan, lead you a merry dance, build up the Geordie hopes (best fans in the country, lol), then allow himself to get sacked by some fat sweaty bastard who owns a sports shop!...he's a spurs legend,, you lot are Muppet's who didn't deserve him! and now you are paying the price by being owned by some twat who see's you as an investment not a club,, if i didnt hate you so much i would pity you all.

    P.S can i have my job back?

  14. spurs fan in peace

    always loved the way newcastle play and great fans who spurs fans get on with but you guys were dirty today. Barton is just no..pure filth

  15. "Aye that's alreet man, it's Alan Shearer" lol

  16. Just a bunch of dirty bastards with no footballing talent whatsoever. 10 million for Caroll? You have got to be off your rocker!! All your team did for 90 mins was kick lumps out of the Spurs players. Fuc*ing disgraceful bunch of thugs in one team. Hope you go down!