Saturday, 1 January 2011

War Of The Worlds

Taking reference from the comments on my latest post it seems our recent trip to North London may have upset a few of the Spurs supporters.

The matter in contention being Newcastle's, shall we say, robust style of play. It's a point opposition fans have raised to me before, most notably the case of my former housemate. The Loyal Royal was less than impressed with how we went about dismantling his boys at the Madejski but I put the moaning down to jealousy and fear that we were closing in on Reading's coveted 106 point record.

However since the argument has once again raised it's head I felt it was time to tackle the issue head on. It's that old argument of playing effective football at the expense of good football.

There is no denying Spurs play much more attractive football than ourselves but it's much easier to play attractive football with the likes of Gareth Bale, Aaron Lennon and Rafael van der Vaart in your team. Every successful team has to play to their strengths and when you look at our three best players, Carroll, Nolan and Barton, their strengths are, their strength.

Whatever the reason it's led to a relative war of the footballing Worlds.

The thing that gets me is how if it's happening to your team you hate it, but if your team hand are handing it out it's passed off as good old fashioned football. Spurs fans may have been 'outraged' at the brutality of our midfield but have Spurs fans not cheered when Wilson 'The General' Palacios crunches through the back of someone? Every team does it, and you can't have it both ways.

Lest we forget we have been on the receiving end of plenty of the rough stuff this season. Remember the relentless abuse dished out by Wolves on Joey Barton? When the Daily Mail started their match report with the line, 'Karl Henry spent 90 minutes smashing Joey Barton all over the Wolves pitch.'

I don't expect Joey to recieve much sympathy but he's not the only member of our squad to take a battering. Andy Carroll suffers much the same abuse from defenders as Peter Crouch and yet most referees wave away the protests, because he's a big lad. Then the worst happened when Hatem Ben Arfa became Nigel De Jong's latest victim back in October, suffering a double leg break.

To be honest I've never had a problem with roughing up your opponents, I'd much rather stay up playing bad football than go down playing well and in a physical game injuries will happen, you just have to accept it and move on.

I hate to label certain teams like this but reputations are earned for a reason and Stoke, Blackburn and Bolton (pre-Coyle) have all made direct football work for them. All these teams have set a base and then attempted to bring in a flair player or two to give them that edge, Elmander at Bolton, Pennant at Stoke etc.

Newcastle obviously identified this as the best way to stay up and brought in the brute force of Cheick Tiote and the raw talent of Ben Arfa. With the Frenchman's unfortunate leg-break we've reverted to type, get the ball in the box and let Andy do the rest.

At the end of the day, of course I would love to have a Bale-like player ripping teams apart single-handed, but if we're still a Premiership team when August comes around, it doesn't bother me too much what the football is like until then.

But, maybe that's just me.


  1. The difference is that Palacios doesn't go flying in two-footed and then after he gets booked starts effing and blinding at the ref with pure hate, as your man Smith did.

  2. newcactle played to their STRENGTHS and kicked lumps out of us, but that is football, it is after all a MANS game, so while its not pretty and antertaining to watch, its how your going to survive. What I despise is the total unsportsmanship tactics when a drop ball was given joey "the thug" barton ignored the referees instruction to play the ball back to gomes (we were in possession of the ball at the time, and the game was stoped for an injury to a newcastle player)and played it into touch by the cornor flag putting us under pressure. This seems to have been pre arranged and instuctions from pardew, because if any of the team had any sense of fair play they would have stood off, so as i said i accept you r style of play for survival but not cheating!

  3. No one objects to a strong team, but you have certain players who behave like thugs and then when they get booked spit blood. The Barton incident summed up the team's attitude, which can only be described as ugly.

    Fulham were more effective than you at the Lane today and they did that by pressuring us on the ball and also playing good football when needed. Many other teams are hard without being thugs, like Stoke.

    It is a sign of how far you have fallen as a team that you are content with the situation.

  4. Spurs fans do bore me. I didn't see any of our 'thuggish' players headbutt one of yours. Kaboul nearly got away with it cos Tiote stood his ground. There's a difference between 'thuggish' behaviour and commitment. Commitment will keep us up. Football has won us games (away at Arsenal, and at home to Villa, Sunderland etc). So claiming our 'style' is cheating is ridiculous.

  5. Spurs where leggy today after playing two games over Christmas with ten men. The problem with this closing down its not because teams have suddenly got more energy in the second half. No the problem is where this surge of energy is coming from and why there are so many shocks. Trust me its got nothing to do with Teams being more even just look at Blackpool they beat Sunderland 2-0 with there best player missing. The evidence is in the weight loss of these teams who chase the ball with mesmeric looking players.

  6. Where to start...

    Firstly, how on earth are we supposed to take anything on this blog seriously when before last week it hadn't been updated since June? Don't assume you can start mouthing off out of nowhere - that right has to be earned.

    Comparing Palacios to Barton, Smith et al. Joke. When do you ever see Palacios getting into slanging matches with opposition players? Can you name a time when he 'crunched through the back of someone' as you put it? There's a difference between a tough tackling midfielder and a thug. I'd suggest you watch carefully at both sets of players but we all know you probably don't even watch games. Match of the Day highlights will do nicely for you, no doubt.

    It seems like you've written this simply because you don't like people saying derogatory things about your team. Get over it. Everyone has things they dislike about other sides. Don't take it so personally. Besides, if the argument about Newcastle's style of play has come up a few times before as you said then maybe there's an element of truth in it? They can't all be wrong. Next thing you'll be blindly claiming sacking Hughton was the right choice. Typical Newcastle. The Premier League's a better place without your kind.

    To sum up: a laughably weak attempt at both defending your team and winding up opposition fans. And I'm not even a Spurs fan. We'd all like it if you stuck to your day job to be honest.

  7. you didnt see a newcastle thug sorry player put his head/head butt a spurs player.... try carrol how shoved his head into gomes face. I notice you chose to ignore your teams total lack of sportsmanship, paramount to cheating. As I said earlier if that is how your going to survive and it is a mans game then fair enough, but at least have the desency to accept a true assesment of the game and your teams tactits

  8. David, your blog post reflects Newcastle United's footballing style with remarkable accuracy.

    Your writing promises much, but delivers little. Your prose stale, the content mediocre. There's no tenacity or imagination, and an end product? Nowhere to be seen. Just like your club.

    If you're going to criticise Spurs fans, why not actually do it, as opposed to this piss-weak attempt at tarnishing Palacios?

    This is a perfect example of amateur 'junk' journalism at its darkest. Now jog on.

  9. I wouldn't think twice about hitting every single one of you spurs fans, there's not as many as Newcastle fans, your a bunch of sorties, how many times have teams been brutal with us this season, where's our sympathy? Why don't you all just f@@k off with Harry and watch while he tries to buy success, can't wait til ya back up here. If just for the fun of giving a few of ya's a slap, ya little bitches.