Thursday, 5 January 2012

Being Cheeky

Hello, I tried this once before and it worked superbly so i thought I'd have another go.

Unfortunately this blog has pretty much fallen away over the last 12 months due to job and family commitments but I am relaunching my writing career with a book.

The topic focuses on what makes a club a 'big' club and, without giving to much away looks for a way to resolve the issue once and for all. As Newcastle fans we've long been the centre of this age-old debate, with our inability to bring home silverware regularly being contrasted with our fantastic support as others try to determine whether we are a 'big' club or not. In fact I've got a whole chapter on it!

Anyway, to the point in hand: research.

If you could all put aside your bias to one side and fill out this short survey it'd be a great help to an aspiring writer.

First 100 respondents get a lifetime of love and respect from yours truly.

Thank-you all.